We are Epsilon Gamma

Epsilon Gamma Schools: Bethel College, Newman University, Southwestern College, Tabor College, Wichita State UniversityEpsilon Gamma is a chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing representing the BSN-awarding, Wichita-Area colleges and universities: Bethel College, Newman University, Southwestern College, Tabor College, and Wichita State University.

Who are we?

  • We are Kansas nurses. We our nurses from Wichita, Newton, Winfield, Hillsboro and many other cities across south central Kansas.
  • We are a nurse honor society. We are recognized leaders in the nursing profession, whether we are serving our patients at the bedside or educating the next generation of nurse leaders, we are an association of Kansas nurses dedicated to empowering nurses at every level of practice.
  • We are Kansas nurse professionals and leaders in our work place and community. Our nurse leaders are nurse practitioners and educators looking to share resources and provide opportunities to help develop your professional and leadership skills.
  • Epsilon Gamma is dedicated to supporting the learning, knowledge and professional development of nurses making a difference in Wichita, Kansas and beyond.

Are you a Kansas nurse leader?

Please click here to learn more about our chapter and here for more details about membership in Sigma Theta Tau International.

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